While finishing my studies at the IED of Madrid I started working as a junior mograph artist in LataLatina. After this six month juniorship and with my studies accomplished I began my career as a senior motion graphics artist in Madrid (Spain) with my good fellas of Toch.tv. I left this adventure after two years because I was seeking a fresh challenge.

So I decided to workout.. because I really needed it.. and jumped ahead to learn the VFX pipeline in a pursuit of a dream that fired up as a child with films from the 90s such as Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and many more…

Since 2016 I’m working as a FX Artist in ScanlineVFX in Vancouver.

See you around! :-)

Per Balay /  Fx Artist / +01 778 866 5422 / IMDB




You can Email me at perbalay@gmail.com